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them? >> sure. that's what the class action lawsuit is about. i know you're a social media guy. imagine if your picture is posted on instagram and stolen and used as an ad. they profit it off it and it's your picture. it's interesting that now even with what their privacy policy says, they've made changes. when you join instagram and use it, you agree to those terms. when they change it to benefit the company, of course you have a right and cause of action. >> kelly, i know when you go on google and you google information, the company actually uses that data, mines of the data, maybe even sells it. isn't it the same? >> it is but facebook had a class action lawsuit about that for advertisements and selling information to companies and i think they settled for $915 million to make it go away. they have to disclose that ahead of time. you have to knowingly agree to that. instagram minors go on there. they cannot agree to any terms but instagram doesn't block them from using it so there's a possibility they'll pay. they have to be careful and user-friendly. when they try to capitalize on y
a signal and people taking actions in anticipation of this raising of the taxes. do you know an economist that doesn't believe we will not go into a recession. >>neil: the markets do not lately seem to be too worried. do you think no deal is better than a bad deal? >>guest: the only thing we can do is to make a deal. i think the american people deserve it. if we don't get it, i really worry about the country. i do worry. i am in discussions with people about this nuclear option. i am in discussions with people about the immigration reform issue. we could have discussions about this. i don't think the democrats want this to go over the cliff. not the majority of them. i pray not. >>neil: one seems to be tempting the other. >>guest: it is a game of chicken. i don't believe it will happen. i don't think anyone wants it to happen. and sequestration is looming as of january 1. in the words of chairman mao it is darkest before it and death -- before it is totally black. >>neil: protests in michigan set to become the 24th right-to-work street and alan simpson, one thing trying to sell austerity,
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action group much the longer you are in school the more you are inclined to remember what you learn, the smarter you get, the more competitive our kids get and on and on. >>guest: that seems good on its face but you have this notion that quantity is better than quality. what states need to look at is quality. the type of instructor, are they effective? ineffective? the trouble is, we have fought been able to determine that because we don't have a good evaluation system for teachers and unions are blocking that and protecting ineffective teachers. >> there is no guarantee that the districts that the effective teachers will teach more? >>guest: no, if you have ineffective teacher it doesn't matter how long your kid in there. what you need to focus is on teacher quality. what makes an effective teacher? that is what they should focus on. >>neil: leak you i travel a bit and around the world, we are more the exception, and there are schools in asia and south korea, germany, where the school is all year and germany towns out a lot of pretty neat engineers and, of course, much of asia turn
, trying to figure out what was the motive behind this suspect's actions. why the children? that is the question. the other question as investigators, where did he get the weapons in we will find that out the next day or two. where did he get the ammunition? why did he target this school? this is a very fluid investigation and there are several agencies right new. i got off the phone with the contact in connecticut that tells me that the forensic laboratory has been called in. there are several agencies investigating this case right now and we are trying to find out why this school, why this suspect, and what the correlation is between this guy and the school. we know his mother worked at the school but what about the other people. also, whether or not there are more victims. that has not been said whether they may or may not find other victims. so they are interviewing family members of the suspect and they are also beginning out with search warrants right now as i speak into areas which we know this guy has been just to make sure there are no other victims. >>neil: when t
action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >>neil: conservative comedian has made doubters look like morons and he and dennis miller by themself could take on the whole comic mainstream establishment. the latest project proves it. he goes to michigan in search of simple answers on the fiscal cliff to what make as democrat. he got some good answers and good laughs. >> should we raise taxes? >> i don't know. >> anything over $1 million. >> the household makes $250 should they be taxed like the richest? >> no. >> you disagree with raising taxes on families only making $250,000. >> yes. >> that makes you a republican. >> a republican. >> no. >> that makes you a republican! >> welcome. when you went back and people say, your views sound more republican than democrat, what did they think? what did they sayst well, the video shows if they novembered as conservatively as they live their lives we would see a different demographic, but that shows the media is perpetuating the likes attributed to republicans being conservatives and repu
and by the department of defense and the unprecedented action that the military took to assist in this effort has been documented and talked about. >> is he satisfied with the federal response? >> he is focused on continued federal response. he knows our work is not done. it is not done anymore than the work in the space is done. i think the president is incredibly concerned about those who are still suffering the consequences of the storm. that's why he continues to have meetings on it regularly. that's why he continues to task his team to assist. >> worth noting that right after the storm the president at the time said one of the most important things to do was to make sure everyone could get power as quickly as possible so he could turn things around. obviously that has not happened. some of that local and state governments. an interesting other point is some of the governors tbr -- from the region were here at the white house. they are talking about requesting emergency spending of about $50 billion. now that is important to get the resources, but at a time when we are talking about the fiscal cli
it would force action they were unable to take before. maybe they have put themselves in a position now where they've got to come up with something down the middle and market credible. i'm hopeful. i think the risk is what you describe. >> neil: we'll watch what happens. minutes away from speaker boehner meeting with the president. what is expected? what to expect by the end of the year? steny hoyer on whether we could be any closer to the deal. he is next. for the holidays. .. >> neil: we're hearing that speaker boehner is going to be en route to the white house soon. it's not far to his offices. i assume he can run the lights. but i don't know that. the house minority maryland democrat steny hoyer. how are you doing. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> neil: do you know anything about the meeting, what could or couldn't happen? >> no, i don't know anything more than you. it's a positive sign that the president and john boehner are sitting down. i've talked to both-of-them. they both want to get to an agreement. it's a positive, continuing sign they're meeting. nobody's walking away
, and that is on harry reid's desk and he needs to take action, so people need to start looking at everyone that is responsible for this and stop with the firing squad. >>neil: the end result is a lot of your colleagues would be open to raising taxes but they did not see quid pro quo, any comparable cuts in spending. if they did, do you think the same who rejected raising taxes, would, this time, except? >>guest: again, i bring up the simple point if we raise taxes on that top 1 percent, on the million tears, -- million millionaires, what does that do when we start the 5th year of these deficits? no one is serious about the real problem which is the spending disease in washington, dc. >>neil: we getting more details that the president is meeting with senate majority leader, harry reid, about this fiscal cliff mess and he will issue a statement at 5:00 p.m. that implies no questions. this is something that can certainly postpone his planned trip to hawaii if christmas. but this gets closer to fought only christmas but to a dead line and a cliff that is now looking a lot more real. hurricane
and delayed the weekend premiere of a new action thriller, and the film society postponed a discussion with tom cruise out of respect for the newtown families. and science fiction channel rescheduled violence at a high school until next week and another special from december 26 is moved to january 6, and our sister company, fox shows repeats of family guy and american dad on sunday because of potential licensive content in the new episodes scheduled to arab and show time airs a warning for viewers before a show of a serial killer and homeland, a series of terrorism saying "in light of the tragedy that has occurred in connecticut the following program contains images that could be disturbing, viewer discretion is advised." i would not bet we have seen the last of violence on the screens but for now, it seems to be hollywood's way of paying respect. >>neil: so, thank you. is hollywood going too far? or is there a real problem with the onscreen violence? we are asking to moms. overreaction? >>guest: nothing is an overreaction but there may not be a direct causal relationship between viole
of the schools. to take any action necessary in case there's suspicious activity. it's a deterence affect. i want everybody to know we're out there so maybe the bad guys will think different if they think they're going to cause some type of problems or havoc in the schools. >> wayne lapierre from the nra says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. how is the response from the phoenix area community? do they accept this? they like my posse. i've been doing it 20 years. they love the posse at the malls. as i said, we finished another program, there's no serious crime. so why not utilize volunteers that only operate under the elected sheriff. i swear them in and they're law enforcement. ex cops, you maim it. 3,000, by the way i'm going to recruit more to help fight this problem that we have in the schools. >> sheriff joe, i have a couple of seconds. how many schools do you have in the phoenix area? >> well, there's about 2,000 in the state. but there's about in the in my main jurisdiction to i'm going to concentrate on those 50 schools. >> i have to leave it there.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)